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Introduction of SANS

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Wuxi Sans Electronic Co., Ltd (known as SANS), the pioneer in China's li-ion battery charger, was founded in Wuxi in year 2008. Being committed to the R&D and manufacturing of a variety of li-ion battery chargers, it is taking a leading position both at home and abroad.

With an production area of over 6,000 ㎡, a production staff of over 80 workers, and a R&D staff of 12 engineers, we are now capable of producing 2 million chargers per year. In year 2016, our sales quantity reached up to 1.2 million pieces, with a market share of up to 90% in domestic li-ion charger market. In overseas market, our annual sales totals over 600,000 pieces with a growing pace. All the exported products are certified by safety norms like CE, GS, UL, SAA, PSE and KC and environmental norm like RoHS.We also succeeded in developing specially designed chargers for our customers and we are confident that our customization capability will facilitate our customers' business growth and competitiveness.



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