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Sans is one of the leading manufacturers of E-bike li-ion battery chargers in China. We export and wholesale electric bike battery chargers with good quality and high performance worldwide. All the exported products of Sans have related certificates, such as CE, GS, UL, SAA, PSE KC and RoHS report ect. Sans has painstakingly developed unique quality assurance program in order to provide our customers with the professional product. Through this and other advanced techniques, all the products are monitored and tested prior to shipment. 
At Sans, we are not only sells E-bike li-ion battery chargers, but also provide expertise to help customer design their own custom battery chargers. Sans use advanced laser jet to print the labels which makes customized chargers easier. 
Sans’s 100% quality testing, sales and technical support, cost-effective product design and product availability has earned customer loyalty worldwide. Choosing the right battery charger will impact the life of your battery and ultimately the performance of your device. Sans is proud to offer you top-quality chargers to keep your battery running at full power. And after sampled our E-bike battery chargers, you’ll agree that Sans is a Trustworthy Partner.


24V Chargers

24V / 2A Standard Charger

24V / 2A Standard Charger

The Standard Charger is popular for good price and high performance. It can charge your battery fast and safety, it is only about half the size and weight of a drinks bottle (less than 600 grams). And like other Sans chargers, it operates silently.

24V / 2A Smart Chargers

24V / 2A Smart Chargers

The smart charger is a unique charger with blue LED light. It does not only have exquisite appearance but also have robust function. You should be never worried about that forgot to unplug the charger, because with its time protection, the charger will be shut off automatically after operating about 24 hours.


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