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meeting for new chargers

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On 28th Sep. 2019, we hold a meeting for new product. Its main purpose is letting the salers know more details about the new charger. So that they can answer the questions from customers and provide better service.

Firstly,the technician make the report about our new charger,especially the Lithium Batteries.Its the "core" of electric scooters.Certainly we have different series of products, such as 24v/36v series,48v series,60v series,300w series,500w series,etc.

Secondly,the manager said in order to export our goods, a lot of certificates had been applied.Such as TUV,U,FCC,PSE,GS,CE,KC,etc. Different scooters have their own certificates. So, certificates could be provided if needed.

Last but not least,our boss emphasized the importance of pre-sales and after-sales service.As saying goes,customer is king.So, our company promises that all customers may have our best service forever.



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