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36V 1.8A Mini Charger 36V 1.8A Mini Charger

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  • Model: SSLC076V42BD
  • Brand: Sans
  • Code: 36V/1.8A
  • Technical Specifications
  • Certificates
  • Input & Output Cords

Product Detail
The Mini Charger is a handle charger and really a good choice for people who are constantly on the move. It weighs less than 400 grams and is only 40% smaller than the Standard Charger – small enough to fit into any saddlebag. The enclosed housing gives the charger extra stability and protection from dirt while the battery charges without making disturbing noise.
Size: 153mm*60mm*35mm

Pull In Spec Sheet

Rated voltage  110/220V
Voltage Range 100Vac -240Vac
Frequency Range 47Hz -63Hz
No-load PowerMax 2W
No-load Input Current≤ 65 mA

Drop Out Spec Sheet
Output Voltage42.0V
Output Current 1.8A±0.1A
Output Voltage Range 41.80V≤Vo≤42.20V
Output voltage ripple and noise≤420mVp-p
Voltage Output Mode Trigger Output

Packing Detail

Inner box size: 218*135*55mm

Carton size: 450 * 440 * 300mm

Quantity: 30


Net weight: 386g

Gross Weight: 14KG

Packing Box: Neutral kraft paper



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